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Oklahoma (Moon 2006)


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English Title: Oklahoma!
Japanese Title: オクラホマ!
Romanized Title: Okurahoma!

Troupe: Moon
Year: 2006
Performances: Nissay Theater, 10/5 - 10/27

Based On: Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Author: Oscar Hammerstein II
Director: Nakamura Kazunori
Music: Richard Rodgers
Choreography: Agnes de Mille

Available on DVD: Yes (DVD release date 12/20/06 (external link))
DVD Scene/Music Cut: None


CurlyTodoroki Yuu
LaureyShirosaki Ai
Jud FryKiriya Hiromu
Aunt EllerKoshino Ryuu
Andrew CarnesIsshiki Ruka
Ali HakimKen Ruisu
Gertie CummingsMihou Aya
Will ParkerAoki Izumi
SarahHazuki Sara
VirginiaAoba Michiru
SkidmoreShiki Erio
DanAsagiri Shino
FredAtsuki Renka
SharonMiyume Himari
JulieMoeka Yuria
SlimEnoki Touya
EvaKusakaze Nana
EllenHazaki Mana
KateKagetsu Miyako
LilyAsahana Rinka
Marshall Cord ElamAyao June
SteveTsuzumi Eika
DaleKao Amiri
Ado AnnieYumesaki Nene
Ike SkidmoreRyuuki Kazuto
TomSawaki Rizu
MayHino Anji
RoyHibiki Reona
JimAyahoshi Rion
ClaireRemi Kurea
DukeMizuha Kanato
EmmieKotone Kazuha
JonKaidou Nozomu
PaulAsanagi Mana
HarryTakachi Ao
VivianeSaki Akane



Oklahoma! takes place at the turn of the twentieth century between the Oklahoma land rushes in 1889 and 1893, and statehood in 1907. Curley, a cowhand, and Jud Fry, a farmhand, are in love with Laurey. She is in love with Curley, but after an argument with him agrees to go to a dance with Jud Fry, whom she secretly fears. At the dance Curley puts up his entire belongings to buy Laurey's box lunch. She and Curley admit their love for each other and are married. After the wedding Jud fights with Curley and is killed with his own knife during the struggle. Laurey's Aunt Eller engineers a trial at the scene and Curley is acquitted, enabling the young couple to begin married life happily. A second, more comic subplot involves man-crazy Ado Annie, her true love cowboy Will Parker, and her temporary interest, peddler Ali Hakim. Like Laurey and Curley, Ado Annie and Will work out their problems and settle down to married life.

(Summary from BookRags (external link).)

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