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Phoenix Wright 2 (Cosmos 2009)

Phoenix Wright 2

Picture Credit: lokai / official flyer

Show Information
English Title: Phoenix Wright 2
Japanese Title: 逆転裁判2
Romanized Title: Gyakuten Saiban 2

Troupe: Cosmos
Year: 2009
Performances: Bow Hall, 08/20 - 31; Akasaka ACT Theater 09/05 - 15

Based On: video game of the same name
Author/Director: Suzuki Kei

Available on DVD: Yes (release date 10/20/09 (external link))
DVD Scene/Music Cuts: None


Phoenix WrightRanju Tomu
Miles EdgeworthYuumi Hiro
Rose AllaireKou Akemi
Lotta HartMikaze Maira
The JudgeKazari Jin
Dick GumshoeHarukaze Misato
Luce AllaireJunya Chitose
Roland SmithNanami Hiroki
Mary WebberMikage Rin
Ludo BessKoumi Maito
Franziska von KarmaFujisaki Eri
Maya FeySumireno Rei

Others: Amakaze Ibuki, Sasara Eru, Amaki Tonika, Sahane Yuna, Yumeri Miko, Chisa Reina, Anri Mau, Aizuki Hikaru, Nanase Ririko, Aishiro Moa, Yumesuzu Rian, Kazami Keito, Yukino Kokomi, Sakurane Rei†, Hoshizuki Rio, Hanasaki Airi, Haruse Ouki†, Kagami Seiya

† Due to the New-Type Influenza, two performers were absent for a short time: Haruse Ouki (August 30th - 31st) and Sakurane Rei (September 5th - 7th).



A continuation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, which ran from February to March of this year at Bow Hall and Nippon Seinenkan. Based on the game "Phoenix Wright" which is highly popular with women — the story of a passionate lawyer who solves difficult cases, set in America.

Phoenix Wright has proved the innocence of his lover, who was suspected of murdering a senator, and won back her love. As he must wait for her return, he goes back to his hometown in California. One day, a young girl comes to see him. She wants him to represent her mother, who is suspected of being involved in a certain incident.

In California, a new turnabout drama for Phoenix Wright begins...

Other Information

Asahi Stage Gallery (external link)


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